Guidelines for correct use of social media

It must always be borne in mind that everything published on the internet, and on social media in general, can be read by managers, colleagues, business partners, journalists, competitors, suppliers and the general public. We urge everyone to ensure a cautious and informed use of social media. In particular, it must be borne in mind that:

  • no offensive or inappropriate images must be downloaded and/or published;
  • no offensive or inappropriate comments must be downloaded and/or published;
  • no offensive or inappropriate comments must be posted about colleagues, customers, suppliers or business partners;
  • the content of confidential interviews in the workplace must not be made public or disseminated and, in any case, any information that may violate any of the actions and procedures of the Casillo Group must not be made public;
  • no confidential information (financial information, new product launches, business activities in general, corporate documents) or images and videos portraying corporate environments and working life must be disclosed;
  • employees are strictly forbidden from using the Casillo Group logos and/or trademarks in any personal situation without the prior written authorisation of the Management.

Any violation of these guidelines constitutes a disciplinary offence under current legislation. Employees should be aware that personal postings on social media channels can remain visible to all for years to come. The foregoing must also be observed by our Suppliers.

Professional use When employees and contractors use social media for permitted professional activities in which the Casillo Group is specifically named, they must:

  • use the utmost caution in promoting the Group's image and always discuss with the Management before publishing any sentence and/or image that might harm the Group in any way;
  • use the utmost transparency, traceability and professional honesty when using social media on behalf of the Group;
  • always respect the habits, customs, ethical, religious and political convictions and sexuality of any online community, forums and blogs on which their comments are published;
  • always respect the confidentiality and contact preferences of each individual and be aware that some people do not want to be contacted through social media channels.

The Casillo Group forbids the dissemination of information and/or comments, including via the web and social media, deliberately intended to harm the image or reputation of colleagues, superiors or the Company in general. Any violation of this prohibition constitutes a disciplinary offence under current legislation.

If an employee chooses to disclose their place of work, they must specify the exact position held within the Group.